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well, since you asked.

I have a couple of names, so pick whichever one you like most. Friends and family call me Peter, but I think most people call me Hans because I look, in the words of a friend's grandmother, "scary and Nordic."

People who met me online probably still call me Clove instead of either of those names.

Home to me means the swampy suburbs of Boston, the lakes of northern New Jersey, and rolling hills of southern Sweden. I've also ended up in Los Angeles, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maryland somehow. I love horses, uncomfortable shoes, and long walks on the beach in the dead of winter. 

As an artist, I am most interested in how things are made, and why we make them. I love to dig my teeth into a meal and learn where every ingredient came from, why they're there, or how the experience can be improved. I love the process of editing and refining a piece until it's a perfect conversation with its intended audience, and I love to help others do the same.


Having worked professionally in youth development and social services, I also take the responsibility of creating media very seriously. I love to give people of all ages permission to be weird, emotional, and over the top. I find that one spark of weirdness will ignite curiosity towards the weirdness of others for a lifetime.

My own curiosity has brought me to many different places creatively, so think of this as a travelogue.

I hope you enjoy your time with whatever it is that brought you here.

I can be contacted at if you'd like to get in touch, or just say hello.

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