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Bird by Bird

While trying to find my bearings as an artist again, I decided to enroll in a continuing education course to give myself some structure this spring. Since I did already go to school for this, nothing was particularly new or surprising to me... but it was fun. Invigorating.

This was originally to produce a book cover for Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont, but took on a life of its own. I was clearly excited to be painting again. I abandoned pretenses of what adult nonfiction book covers actually look like nowadays, and followed my instincts until it got me to this final image. It has a bit of a unintentional cubist quality, of all things.

The original version did bother to include the title, but after some clever cropping and adjustments I feel like it stands perfectly find as a painting on its own.

I think this will always be a painting I look at fondly as my first trip out, back in the saddle, ready to learn again.

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